Get Your Body Back In Shape After Baby

The first few months after having a baby can fly by. After all, you are trying to get into some form of routine with your newborn. But after a couple of months, it’s time to turn your attention back on you. After all, you have likely put your own health on the backburner since having a baby. In fact, a lot of new moms admit to skipping meals and having little sleep when they have a newborn to look after. But for the sake of your health, you need to take care of yourself. After all, you can then be the best mommy possible to your baby. And one way you can boost your health is by working on your body. After all, starting to remove the excess fat that remains after having your newborn is an excellent way to start getting your health on track. In fact, here are some ways you can get your body back in shape after baby!

Time to work on your diet

The first thing you need to do is look at your diet. It’s easy for it to go a bit wayward after having a newborn. After all, you might only be able to eat when you have time. So your regular three meals a day might turn into two meals a day plus a ton of snacks. And you might even be opting to call for takeaways as you are running out of time to make meals. But to ensure you become healthier and get your body back in shape, you need to make some changes to your diet. For example, you need to try and ensure you have breakfast every morning. It can be challenging when you have a little one to look after. Therefore, go for healthy options which are quick to make such as a smoothie or even a bowl of yogurt with fruit. And it might be worth preparing your dinner while your baby is napping. After all, you can start prepping the veg and cutting up the meat. That way, you can just turn it on later to ensure you and your other half do get to eat a wholesome meal. And cut out those snacks which will just make you pile on the pounds. If you need a snack, it’s worth going for fruit or nuts instead of heading for the chocolate draw!

Control those hormones

After you have given birth, it’s common for your hormones to be all over the place. After all, your body has carried a baby for the last nine months so it can take some time to adjust after the birth. But the unbalanced hormones can mean you might struggle to shed those baby pounds. Therefore, a few months after you have given birth, it might be time to start thinking about controlling those hormones. For some women, this might mean going on the contraceptive pill which can regulate your periods. And it can help to control your hormones so you can start losing weight sooner rather than later. Also, the pill will ensure you don’t get pregnant while your baby is still little. If this isn’t an option for you, there are some other options such as eating a healthy diet and exercising which can ensure your hormones get back into shape. By doing this, you will find it much easier to shed those pounds and get back into a healthy shape!

Start doing some exercise

It can be hard to get back into exercise after you have had your newborn. After all, you might have little energy to do anything. But to ensure you get back in shape, so you are healthier than ever, you need to start doing some exercise. It’s best to start with something less strenuous which won’t take its toll on your body. For example, some postnatal yoga or pilates would be a good start. You can then move on to other cardio like running or swimming to help you get in better shape. And remember your kid can actually help you to get healthier. After all, pushing their pram around the block or even going swimming with your little one can actually help you to lose weight. Therefore, take them to do activities which will ensure you get some exercise in your life. In fact, you can read my previous blog to find more ways kids can enhance your healthy lifestyle!

And you will be surprised how important sleep is if you want to get your body back in shape. After all, rest can give your body time to recuperate. And after a good night’s sleep, you are more likely to be able to get back in shape. After all, you will be less tired so will be able to exercise more and be there for your baby!

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