Battling Anxiety

I have been battling anxiety for many years. I can remember back into my childhood when my anxiety would become a problem. I recently started seeing a therapist to help me battle my inner demons, and to find out where my anxiety stemmed from. I am thankful the therapist I am seeing mainly specializes in Social Phobia.

With going to see here, I have a better understanding on why I have it.

It was explained to me in away, that had me shaking my head yes… We as humans are all afraid of disapproval. Whether that disapproval is from those close to us, or perfect strangers.

My anxiety started when I was a young child, and my biological father is the one to plan, he has instilled fear and judgment into me…

What do I mean from this?

Well, when we are younger there’s usually two people we look up to and two people that are supposed to show us unconditional love. Well, I had one person and that was my mom. The sperm donor was always negative, he would say things such as “You will always be fat, and ugly… no one will ever want you… go play in the road it will make “Kim” happy…”

Whenever we went to see him for visits he was always hateful…

This put a fear in me, and I associate his rejection of me to being rejected and judged by everyone.

I am hoping with time I can over come this, I know my anxiety will always be there, but I am learning to better deal with it…

How many of you have anxiety? Don’t be ashamed to admit it or ask for help, almost every one of us has some form of anxiety, it’s just others have it worse.

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