At What Age Should a Girl Start Shaving


At what age should a girl start shaving? I think this is something we all ask ourselves when our little girls start growing into young ladies. My daughter is 11 and she has asked when can she start shaving her legs. While I know the time is probably now, I am trying to hold off as long as I can. With being home-schoolers, I am hoping we can hold off for a few more months.

When she was younger she would take my shaving cream and put it on her legs, then use her finger in a shaving motion to remove the shaving cream from her legs. Now that she is getting older, I want to make sure she has all the tools needed to make shaving as easy as possible for her. This would mean she needs a good razor, shaving cream and lotion.

With Easter coming, I may just surprise her with a shaving Easter Basket.

If you have a preteen that is also ready to shave make sure you educate them on shaving. Don’t just give them a razor and let them go at it, let them know shaving isn’t a race, they need to take their time, especially when shaving around the knees and ankles. When I first started shaving I wasn’t really informed, I just grabbed a razor and went to town. This ended up with a nice cut on my ankle which to this day I still have the scar.

If you would like to get your young daughter a shaving Easter Basket, somethings you may want to consider putting in the basket would be a small personal hand towel, good razors (not the cheap ones, yes these work when you get older, but when your daughter first starts shaving make sure she has good razors), shaving cream, and lotion.

You want to make sure she has lotion to apply to her legs once they’re shaved.

If you don’t think she is ready to shave but she insists she is, you can always pick her up an electric shaver until you know she is ready to use the razors. Which is the route I will be taking with my daughter.

Do you have young girls? At what age did you let them start shaving?

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