Where To Get Free SIM Cards

With technology moving onward, those who are already struggling in a rough economy are being left behind. One of the main reasons for this, is many view cellphones as a luxury not a necessity, and when times are tough they get their cellphones cut off. Are you one of those struggling to make ends meet? What if I told you, you could get free SIM cards and pay as you go.

When my husband and I started to struggle we had no choice but to get rid of our cellphones. Water and the electric became more important. We decided we would get a prepaid plan where we could pay as we went. One thing I noticed when we did have a paid plan, most the time we didn’t use it. Our main reason for cellphones were so I had away to get in touch with my husband when he was working or out with his friends.

Now that we both work from home cellphones took a back burner. I was surprised when we decided to get a prepaid phone so that we did have a way to contact one another it was cheaper. We were paying $50 a month for one line with only talk, we had no text or web. We also got stuck paying for a two year contract! With prepaid plans I found they run about $35 to $50 a month and you get unlimited talk, text and web, plus you don’t have to get locked into the service.

One thing I have found I love about the prepaid plans, is if we cannot afford it one month, we don’t have to worry about getting harassed for non-payment of the bill. I don’t think I will ever switch back to a contract cellphone again.

Don’t current have a cellphone because times got tough? Get a free sim card and go prepaid, this way you do have something, even if you were to get a limited amount of minutes, if something were to happen you would have a way to get in touch with those you love.


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