Monitoring Your Child’s Internet Activity

I have always considered myself blessed. I have a rather good child, she has her faults like all children, and I have tried to raise her to be up front and honest. It wasn’t until recently, I started to question her limits on-line. I try to give her as much privacy as possible, because she is growing, and she does need to find herself.

Tonight, I received an email from Animal Jams, it seems my daughter has gotten on there and tried to act adult like, and pass off a few not so nice jokes. When I seen the dialog of her chat, I was mortified! How could my innocent child talk like that, the first thing I did was get her to my computer so she could read her own words.

When I received the email, I asked her what the email was in reference to, her responds was she don’t know. I gave her enough time to tell me what I was about to find out, she kept stating she didn’t remember.

When I got the chat logs, she remembered very well what the chat was about. I took all her electronics away from her, and she has found herself grounded. On top of finding herself grounded she will be writing a report on why we don’t talk like that, she will also be getting software installed on her computer so we can better monitor what she does on-line.

It has become clear to me tonight, she is not ready for the responsibility of being nice on the Internet, therefor she will lose some of her privileges.

What are some things you do, to make sure your children are not doing things they shouldn’t be doing on-line? We have never had to monitor what she did, however, as she gets older she will try to be cool like the rest, and we will now have to restrict some things she does.

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