Elections Is Drawing Near

Only a few more days left until elections. I am not going to hold my breath, I know who ever is picked it will only mean 4 more years of hell. It seems all the Presidents we have had thus far have only been out for themselves. People trusted Obama and what does he do… Signs into law allowing spy drones, which is an invasion to our privacy.

One may say if you are doing nothing bad you have nothing to worry about. I beg to differ, it doesn’t matter what you are doing… You have no privacy with the spy drones, if you once laid naked in your backyard to sun bathe you will be seen… If you have a window in your bathroom of children’s room, you better cover them. Some spy drones can get so close they can see inside your home…

What else has Mr. Obama done? Well he also signed into law these medical chips… Well I will be dead before they implant anything into me…

There is also rumor Mr. Obama has camps all over the US where people he feels didn’t agree with him will be thrown… Mr. Obama is starting to sound a lot like my mother in law. Maybe that is where she got her thinking from… You don’t agree with me whether I am right or wrong, to the dogs you go.

Mitt Romney I know really nothing about, everyone thought that Obama was going to make change… the only change he made was to have more control over us…

We need someone in office that is actually going to be for the people. I don’t see that happening in my lifetime, I can only hope and pray my daughter has better times here on earth when we are all gone. I can only hope by then the American people will have done the right thing, and got someone in office that is actually FOR THE PEOPLE.

I will not be wasting my time casting a vote. Chances are it will be another rigged election, like it has been for several years. I can only hope that change will come SOON.

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