Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday shopping has always been a thing for me; I loved the rush of things. Now that my daughter is older, I tend not to mess with the hectic stores, and I stay home. I remember when I first jumped in on the busiest day of the year bandwagon. Now stores have changed how they do things. At one time it was all sales started at 5 or 6am, now it seems stores are wanting more, so their sales start the night of Thanksgiving.

If you will be fighting the crowd this Friday for some hot deals that you have to have here are a few tips that will help make the shopping day run as smooth as possible.

Browse the Deals

Make sure you know what stores will be having what deals. Never go into a store not knowing on Black Friday. Doing so will turn into a shopping disaster.

Take the Ads

Take the shopping ads with you! Stores want your business this day, some will even match competitor prices. So if you have the ad you have a better chance at getting a better deal.

Go Early

If you are going to get the deals, being early is a must! Stores often only get so many of some of the hottest deals. So if you are looking for the hottest of hot items, your item might sell out if you wait until the crowd as cleared. Sometimes it does pay to be the first in line, even if being first in line means you have to wait the longest, at least you will nail that totally rocking deal you went for.

When shopping this holiday season, don’t be greedy get what you need but don’t take everything just because you have the money and it is on sale. Remember someone else also might want to purchase that item as well, and their cash flow might not be as good as yours. Don’t turn black Friday into a greed fest.

Good luck to those battling the crowds. Stay safe.


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