Halloween Safety

It will not be much longer and the kids will be dressing up in those spooky costumes to go to those Halloween events. As parents we need to make sure we practice safety.

When picking out Halloween costumes this year make sure the costumes are not to long so they will fall, and if anything is going over their faces make sure they can see.

Our small town has done away with trick or treating, and the community has all come together to do a small event at the ballpark. I miss the old traditional Halloweens. When we were kids we would have a blast going door to door, now things are a bit unsafe.

Last year was our last year going trick or treating, our daughter is now 11 and has no interest. I am glad her last year was done with her cousins in Michigan. We all had fun walking the cold streets. That is one thing I will never forget trick or treating in the colder states sometimes you go out in the snow!

This year remember safety first.



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