Cooking Out

My family does everything backwards. During the summer months it’s just to hot to have cookouts unless you have a pool close by. Now that fall is upon us we will be enjoying those cookouts. All this next week we will be in the low 80’s which is the perfect weather for hanging with the family and eating some yummy food.

Growing up in the North then slowly migrating to the South, we have a little of both at our cookouts.

When my husband and I met we brought in a few of our favorites to make a new tradition. In the north the main side dishes were… macaroni salad, potato salad, baked beans, and cottage cheese. You cannot have a cookout without those 4 items. In the south they do pork, whether it be ribs, loins or shredded.

For those who think when it comes to cooking out you cannot have the best of both worlds you can indeed.

Whenever we do have cook outs I have several requests. My macaroni salad is to die for.

What are some of your favorites when having a cookout?

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