Discipline May Not Be Easy But Is Needed

Being a parent is far from easy; when our children were born, a manual didn’t come with them. Each parent has their own way of raising their children. Growing up we learn how to parent from our own parent figures.

One of the hardest parts of being a parent is disciplining our children. We want them to grow up well behaved and have good manners so disciplining is very important. If children are not given proper discipline at a young age a parent will often find, as their child gets older, they’re harder to handle.

Positive discipline will have a huge impact on your child. At the time, we as parents may feel guilty; however, by proper disciplining we are helping guide our children in the right direction in life. They will feel more safe, secured, and valued, as they grow older. They will also show you as the parent more respect.

When it comes to disciplining, it’s important to discipline based on age.

I am not here to tell you how to properly discipline. Each child reacts to discipline differently. It’s important that you as the parent, see what works best for you and the child. Keep in mind when you shout or humiliate your child while trying to discipline, you will make them feel worthless, and chances are they will have little to no respect for you as a parent.

If you want to see results from utilizing proper discipline, you need to be consistent. You cannot one minute say what they’re doing it wrong, and the next allow them to do it. That is only sending them mixed messages.

A few things to remember when disciplining are:

  1. Discipline based on age and action they did wrong.
  2. Be consistent
  3. Do not shout, belittle, or humiliate your child.

Remember disciplining is not use being mean, it is use trying to teach our children right from wrong, and molding them to be respectful adults.

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