5 Different Types Of Sweepstakes

With being a person who enters sweepstakes, I never new there was a difference until I started entering. I then discovered there is many different kinds. You have your giveaways, your contests, your blog giveaways, then you have your sweepstakes. The top 5 sweepstakes are as followed…

Car Sweepstakes – Who doesn’t want a brand new vehicle with hardly no miles! I know I do, so I enter these ones as well.

Electronic Sweepstakes – Anything electronics here, ipads, iphones, home theater systems, tablets, and all those other electronics.

Cash Sweepstakes – These are the ones many people try to enter. These range anywhere from $10 all the way to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Vacation Sweepstakes – Want a free vacation? Enter these sweepstakes you can win trips to other places in the USA and even trips to exotic lands.

Instant Win Sweepstakes – These are very popular and often have a lot of winners. A company will hold a sweepstakes where one will have a chance to win prizes instantly.

The instant win and cash sweepstakes are my favorite. I have won a lot of great things on the instant wins including several gift cards. Gift cards are those products that save me when it comes time to needing gas!

If you’re wanting to entering sweepstakes get a good system going, something that works best for you. Remember to keep it updated and have fun.

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