The Digest Diet!

I will be starting the digest diet soon, and I have to say I am super excited. This is the only “diet” I have found that actually teaches you. My daughter was going through the book the other day, and was wanting to know if I could make her a fade away shake, she said it looks really good. When I told her why I was going to be drinking them her response was “Yea, I know but this looks so yummy I just want to try it.”

I will of course be blogging my results on The Neat Things in Life, and if you follow me, you will also find some great giveaways! Weight loss has always been a big struggle for me, however, I am down 16 pounds… woohoo

16 pounds lost all on my own!

BUT I will not lie, I have lost track, and I found it to be super easy to lose track when you are not logging everything you eat, so if you are serious about losing weight, log everything. Workouts, food, water EVERYTHING, if you do you will find great results.


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