Singing Competitions

The other day I was watching the news, and Memphis was holding a singing audition. The winner of “Memphis Idol” would get in to see the judges for American Idol try outs in Louisiana.  I have noticed over the years American Idol has become a very successful show, and a lot of great talent has been discovered. I would say my all time favorites are Carrie Underwood, and Scotty.

With this success, brings news stations to hold their own singing competitions, to find the best to represent their home towns. Not long ago they showed who was getting into the auditions in Louisiana, I personally didn’t think she was that great, but who am I to say if she is good or not. I will leave that up to the judges.

I am said Jennifer Lopez, and Steven Taylor will no longer be judges, but it is, what it is right?

Anyway when they introduced the girl that would be getting a free trip to the front row, it was no surprise to me that she had a singing coach. While it is great these young kids get help starting their careers at a young age, I personally think American Idol has lost the whole point behind the show.

I thought it was to find talent, not to showcase those that were already talented, and only needed to be seen by record labels.

My daughter is wanting to be a singer when she gets older, she keeps telling me when she is old enough she is going on American Idol, guess I should find her a singing coach soon.

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