Summer Salads

Summer is now in full swing! Which means a lot of cook-outs, and a lot of side dishes. Being in the South when one cooks out it seems they make enough food for a small army, or at least enough food to last a week. One of the favorites in my husband’s family is BBQ Bologna, I personally am not a fan, but then what again do I know about good foods.

I do know how to make some killer side dishes though, being from the North we specialize in those sides.

One of my all time favorites is Macaroni Salad. Now everyone has their own version of this household favorite, mine I learned from my mom, and boy is it a huge hit with the in laws. How much of everything used it all up to you, it depends on how many you’re feeding, and how much left overs you want.

Macaroni Salad

Frozen sweet peas

Tuna Fish

CHEESE I like to use the colby jack and I cut it into chunks.

Macaroni (I use the shells)

Miracle Whip

Basically, you make your pasta, chill it then add everything mix it well chill some more and enjoy. I love pairing it with some baked beans, and cottage cheese.

YUMMY… However, it has been at least a year since I had this, I am currently trying to lose weight, and this is so good I over make some and pig out.


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