Purchasing A Semi Truck For Storage

Let me tell you a little about my Grandma, she loves to collect things. You walk into her home and she has a ton of stuff. At one time I thought she was a hoarder. She was sneaky when she purchased her items. She would have them go to my Aunts and tell Grandpa she has won it or she got it from a yard sale.

Her collecting got so bad Grandpa talked her into having an auction to get rid of most of her things she collected over the years. He also started to look for semi trucks for sale. He knew some of her collections she couldn’t part with, and he knew they had no room for the things no more, and renting a storage unit would be pricey. So he thought he would clean out the house, plus make Grandma happy by not demanding she get rid of everything.

So now they have a semi and it’s parked in their yard, with all of Grandma’s collections in there. I think a lot of the reasons Grandma didn’t want to sell many of her collections, is because she wants to pass them down to her great grandchildren, and she knows she would never get what they really were worth.

I also joked to my husband not long ago that I wanted to purchase us a semi truck. I think if you have the money and the place to put it, having a semi truck is a smart investment for storage.

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