Grilling This Memorial Day

We are huge into grilling out especially during the Summer months. The reason behind us grilling out so much is simple, grilled food taste so yummy, and well of course it’s way to hot to cook inside. However, with that being said when it comes to grilling out safety is important. Whether you are grilling with a gas grill or a charcoal grill it’s important that you take precaution.

Over 8,000 home fires happen yearly because of grills. These fires can be prevented with proper education. A few years ago not far from me a mom and most of her children perished in a fire caused by a grill being left to smother out on the front porch. I don’t think people understand how dangerous it is to not take extra measures when cooking out on grills…

Below you will find some tips to help you keep your family safe this Memorial Day weekend.

Charcoal Grill Safety Tips:

When cooking with charcoal NEVER burn inside a home, camper, or tent. Many don’t realize it, but when charcoal is burned it puts off carbon monoxide. This is a odorless, but deadly gas. Don’t think it is okay to burn charcoal in a closed area, even if you do have it ventilated. Also, be sure when you are done cooking the grill is not close to the home. Make sure the coals are put out, and then keep the grill stored outdoors.

Remember safety is key.

Gas Grill Safety Tips:

Gas grills can be just as dangerous as charcoal grills, if not more dangerous. When cooking with gas you need to be a lot more alert. Before you start to cook you want to make sure the air tubes are not being blocked by the outdoor elements, such as bugs.

Before grilling make sure to check the hoses, you are looking to make sure the hoses are free of cracks, and holes. When using gas the smallest thing can cause a big boom. Make sure you have the hoses far enough from the hot grease, and surface. Remember, gas is an explosive.

When you are cooking with gas, you want to make sure the propane tank always stays sitting up right, and any spare tanks need to be stored properly. Unless you want a big boom, DO NOT keep extra tanks around the grill, or in a hot vehicle.

You should also never leave a grill unattended to for long, when I was younger my mom left the grill which was on the porch unattended. She has a grease drip pan underneath. It caught fire catching the porch on fire, luckily we caught it in time. If we wouldn’t have we would have lost probably everything because of a stupid mistake.

Don’t let a stupid mistake cost you everything. Make sure to Grill responsibly this holiday weekend, and if you drink DON’T DRIVE.


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