Fun Family Times

When I was growing up family was everything. We did just about everything together, during the school year I played volley ball, and my family was there at every game cheering me on. When school wasn’t in session, and volley ball season was over we would go skating. I remember every Thursday night was family night. Then on the weekends we would sit around watching movies, or playing board games.

I loved making those memories with my family when I was younger, now that I am older I am making those same memories with my own family. While we are still trying to teach our daughter to roller skate, family outings always include a lot of family fun. We have a rather big yard so we always set up the volley ball net, and get our game on.

This is also the time we take to get caught up on the family news. To find out how Aunts and Uncles are doing. To get the up to date information how the nieces and nephews are doing in school, and to see what sort of trouble Grandma may have gotten herself into this time.

We cherish those times we have together with our family.

Now that Summer is soon upon us I am sure we will have several get together and more memories to make.

What are some ways you make memories with your family?


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