Mother’s Day Flowers

With Mother’s Day coming up have you checked out all the awesome flower arrangements? With not having much money I am on the search for some reasonably priced flowers. I love having a vase with fresh cut flowers on my desk, it helps brighten my day. Plus, flowers can help those who are depressed put a smile on their face, because they know someone is thinking about them. I always loved when my daughter would go pick me some flowers. She knows how to cheer momma up.

If you are like me and don’t have a lot of money, but want to give that special mom in your life some flowers this Mother’s Day, you can always check out the cheapest flowers at serenata. Their arrangements are beautiful! I think my favorite would have to be the Pink Purity ones, I love pink and I know they would look good on my desk.

How many of you have been depressed, and received flowers, and your mood did a complete turn around?

Receiving flowers may not always change ones mood. It would depend on why the person was depressed, so guys don’t think that it is okay to do your gal wrong, and if you get her flowers all will be well. Chances are that depression will not work with a simple I am sorry and some flowers.


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