With the weather being really nice my family has been enjoying the woods! We went on a nice little hike today and decided to do a little geocaching. I dislike the geocaches in town, love being able to hike in the woods to find treasures. I have found the ones in the wilderness have more items for trade in them as well. Today while we were out we seen two snakes! Snakes already are out in Michigan.

Since we started geocaching on November 23 we have found a total of 63 geocaches. I wish we were going to still be up here this Summer, because we would travel Michigan looking for geocaches.

When we get back home we will be putting our own geocaches out all over TN. I want to get a better handheld gps unit though. A nice garmin or something.

One day I will have me a handheld.

Have you geocached? If not I highly recommend it, something fun to do for the whole family. Today we walked about 2 miles, and I can feel it all over.

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