Nothing But Ice!

So we got some rain last night on top of the snow, and it turned it all into one big mess of ice. Blah! I hate ice, driving in it sucks. Thankfully the main roads are clear, and I only have to drive 5 miles per hour for about 10 minutes. I am so ready for summer, I am so ready to be in my own place.

Winter is so depressing! I guess if I had the proper winter wear, and new how to ice ski, then I would love it, but it is just to cold for me. I need to find a place in the middle. Tennessee is to hot in the Summer, and Michigan is to damn cold in the Winter. I want my own little Island that stays about 80 degrees all the time. That would be heaven.

I would fish for my food, and I of course I would have some fruit trees… Hell I would just live on fruit!

Who is with me on this one, let’s all run away from all the stress and blah here, go to our own Islands, and just take a year off… I think if I could I would, but I would have to take my family… Well, my husband and daughter. Maybe I will let my sister share the other half of the Island with her kiddos.

We could get filters to filter water from the ocean for drinking, we would build huts so no need for electricity bills, or all the other crap that goes along with being an Adult.

Being an Adult SUCKS!



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