2012 Has Only Just Begun

We are only about a week into 2012, and already there has been several suicides. Do you know someone that suffers from depression? If so get them help before it is to late. It seems everything on the news lately has been murder/suicide related. I have personally once been to a point in my life, were I thought there was no hope. All I wanted to do was die, I was 19 at the time.

Depression is not fun, it is a sickness. However those with depression are afraid what others will think because of them. They are scared about being looked down upon. So they keep quite, they continue to deal with life, until they can no longer go on. This leads to murder/suicides. This leads to innocent children being killed because life became to hard on their parent.

I have learned many things since I thought about taking my life. I have learned things can get better, I have learned all I had to do was ask for help. I have also learned depression is a sickness and if left untreated permanent damage can be done.

Don’t let depression control your life, get help now before it is to late.

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