Remove Pesky Hairs With Laser Hair Removal

As one gets older their hormones start to change and one thing I have noticed with my hormones changing, I am starting to get pesky hairs on my chin and above my lip. While these hairs have always been there, they seem to be getting darker and more stiff. If you’re a female these hairs are very much unwanted, they’re what we would call embarrassing.

I often find myself sitting with a mirror and tweezing the hairs, however, the problem with this, the more I pluck the more the hair seems to grow.

While men have the option to take a razor to their unwanted facial hair, this is not an option for us women. Taking a razor to our face would be asking for trouble. Thankfully, there’s a few different options we as women have in tackling these unwanted hairs.


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If the hairs have not yet ventured out of control, one can easily do as I do for the time being and pick up the mirror, flash light and tweezers. Plucking hairs is the easiest and most affordable of the three options and can take place right in your home, however, for me it seems with every hair I pluck three more grow back.

Laser Hair Removal

Clarkston Dermatology

Laser hair removal is another option we women have. This is a medical procedure which attacks the hair at the root. With laser hair removal treatment the hair is damaged by the heat of the laser to prevent the hairs from growing back. This method works best with those who have light skin and dark hairs. If you’re looking for the hair to stay gone longer, several laser hair removal treatments would be required. The most common places for women to have hair removed from is their upper lip, chin and bikini line.


Waxing is another option for removing unwanted hair. With this option one would need to allow the hair to grow out some, then you could apply the hot wax to the area in which you wish to wax. This only removes the unwanted hairs for about a month. Then the process would need to be redone. Chances are after pulling up the hairs the first time, one wouldn’t want to redo this option especially if it was above the lip.

If you’re in Michigan, Clarkston Dermatology offers several affordable treatments, whether you’re looking for laser hair removal treatment to help regain your confidence back or looking to have a tattoo removed. Clarkston Dermatology offers laser tattoo removal, cool sculpting, laser hair removal and even treatments for those who have skin conditions such as psoriasis, warts, acne and even skin cancer.

Don’t let those skin conditions or hair growth play a role on your confidence get in today and see what Clarkston Dermatology can do to help you feel beautiful again!

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