Viacom and Directv Head to Head

So what is everyone intact on Viacom demanding their channels be pulled by Directv? I know many people are putting blame on directv, however, if you dig into this whole situation deeper you will see viacom is the one to blame. Within the next few years, most people will be streaming all their shows online, so Directv is trying to not only help you, but also themselves by trying to come up with a deal where you the consumer, can purchase ONLY the channels you watch.

We had Directv at one time, however, we didn’t feel we should have to pay for all those channels we didn’t watch when we only watched a certain few. However, those certain few were on the most expensive package deal you could get. We have not had Directv in almost a year, we do have Netflix, and Hulu Desktop, and well we know we can always go to the network sites, and often watch some of our favorite channels. From my understanding Disney just came out with an app to let you watch their shows on your Apple products.

I understand a lot of you are upset because your shows have been pulled from your channel line up, however, you need to ask yourself this… Do you really want to keep paying for all the channels you do not watch? If the Satellite companies could some up with an agreement with the channel providers, maybe some of your bills can get reduced. Our economy is hurting, and we have all grown addicted to our shows. Although, cable channels are not a necessity in most homes they have become one.

I do believe Viacom and Directv will come to an agreement before long, because both are hurting because of this, but we the consumers need to really think about what is going on, as stated within the next few years most will be streaming their entertainment online.

How do you feel about the blackout of your channels?

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