Can You Believe it!

Five, more days until that man in the red suit comes down those chimneys! Make sure no fire is lite he may have to go some where else. You know when I was growing up, I always wondered how Santa came in when a fire was lite. As my daughter got older she would ask how Santa came in since we didn’t have a chimney.

I would explain with his Magical key. Once she discovered Santa was make believe, she wanted to know who called her, and how the letter was wrote. So I showed her all the cool tools moms and dads to keep their children believing. I think one thing that made the finding out so much easier on her, is the fact I have raised her that it is better to give then receive.

I think that is a lot of what happened to our economy people in the higher up places got a bit greedy, and the lower ones are the ones that suffer from the aftermath.

I hope 2012 becomes better for all and things make a big turn around, I know it will take time but it is possible. I am making a pledge for 2012, when I get on my feet business wise, I will be giving back. I will be helping those that are in need even if all I can offer is $50, because believe it or not $50 can go a long ways when it comes to groceries.

I also think come 2012 I will be posting some cheap, easy meal ideas. I have things down right now where I can make dinner for 4 for less than 5 bucks. Sure it may not be the best meal in the world, but it will still feed your family.

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