Remove Pesky Hairs With Laser Hair Removal

As one gets older their hormones start to change and one thing I have noticed with my hormones changing, I am starting to get pesky hairs on my chin and above my lip. While these hairs have always been there, they seem to be getting darker and more stiff. If you're a female these hairs are very much unwanted, they're what we would call embarrassing. I often find myself sitting with a mirror and tweezing the hairs, however, the problem with this, the more I pluck the more the hair seems to grow. While men have the option to take a razor to their unwanted facial hair, this is not an option for us women. Taking a razor to our face would be asking for trouble. Thankfully, there's a few different options we as women have in tackling these unwanted hairs. Tweezers If the hairs have not yet ventured out of control, one can easily do as I do for the time being and pick up the mirror, flash light and tweezers. Plucking hairs is the easiest and most affordable of the three options … [Read more...]