Growing Pains: How To Handle A Boy’s Early Teens

The early teenage years of both boys and girls can be difficult for everyone concerned. With mood swings, hormonal changes, and a desire for independence, things can become tense. But it doesn’t have to be that way. While some amount of “butting heads” and power struggling is perhaps inevitable, things can always be improved. For teenage boys in particular, the most serious difficulty can often be communication. By trying to empathize with our children and their changes, we can stay relaxed, helpful, and of genuine benefit. Not only are we likely to reduce their stress but also our own. Try to stay patient with both yourself and them. Do not expect things to be perfect or flawless but work in small steps towards making things manageable. With a bit of effort and understanding, you can support your teenager and avoid unnecessary hassle. Communicate It is perhaps particularly difficult for teenage boys to communicate their feelings. They are often encouraged from an early age to … [Read more...]

Back To The Daily Struggles

Today, I started back with the workouts. Weight loss and working out is such a struggle for me, I know I need to lose weight, I want to lose weight, but getting motivated to workout has become a challenge. It is a struggle because I am on the computer most the day trying to make money to pay bills. I know I cannot lose weight if I don't try, I know I feel like shit lately because I have not been working out, and all the weight I lost before has found its way back. So I am starting back at square one. I am not going to push myself like before, I am going to take this one day at a time, and pray for results. I go back to the doctor next month, hopefully they will be able to give me more help with my struggles, and help guide me. I need guidance, I need someone cheering me on and in my corner working out with me. One day at a time is all I can do, I pray the metformin will help me see the results I work so hard to find.   … [Read more...]

The Baby Blues

All things happen for a reason right? Sometimes I wonder if I will get my second baby, in 6 months I will be 35 and it seems like we have been trying forever to get to the baby point. I stopped birth control back in 2009 in hopes we could get pregnant, and 5 years later we are still in the trying mode. After doing some reading, I believe my hormones are so far gone, I am hoping and praying with exercise, and weight loss a baby will soon follow. The more depressing part is it seems like no matter how many pedals on the bike, no matter how many kettle bell swings, and no matter how many weight lifts, the weight wants to go NO where... Everytime I step on the scale I get more depressed, while I don't let it stop me, I keep going... I decided to put the weights down, and focus more on the bike, I went from 15 miles a day to 25 miles a day, with the holidays here, I didn't get my full 25 miles in on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, however, I am up to 101 miles in 5 days. All I … [Read more...]