Four Weeks Already?

Today marks 4 weeks since I started working out. I have to say I am proud of myself, in those four weeks, there has only been about 3 days that I didn't do some sort of workout. Now that I am on the right track, eating better, and working out more. It is time to see all those pounds drop... I hope anyways. Tuesday I will take measurements. I took a quick measurement yesterday and the results were okay. I would like to see them go down a lot more, however, I cannot expect the weight and inches to drop super fast. I think that's what discourages people when losing weight. They want the weight off NOW not later and when the weight moves slow even though they're busting their ass, it can become a bit depressing. I can only hope that once I lose some weight my hormones will balance themselves out, and my husband and I can conceive. I do have doubts that baby number 2 will be only a dream, however, I know it is in the hands of God on whether we do conceive baby number 2. Here is to … [Read more...]