PR Friendly

-Product Reviews-

While I do not ask for monetary compensation in exchange for product reviews, I do require a product sample. The product will not be returned. This makes it so I can truly experience the product and write an honest review. However, please note that whether or not I accept your product review is at my discretion. The main deciding factor as to whether or not I will accept your product for review is dependent on how relevant I believe it would be to my family and my readers. A basic list of what types of products I would be interested in reviewing include, but are not limited to: electronics, household items, kid friendly products, jewelry, cleaning products, online services, gift cards, clothing, accessories, games,  beauty products, food, pet products for dogs, and much more.



When it comes to giveaways, not only does it provide my readers with an opportunity to win a great product; it also gives your company more exposure.  A great way to incorporate a giveaway would be to include it with the product review. If there is only a giveaway and no review, I do charge a small fee.


Advertising is available on my blog. However, keep in mind that if I do not feel as though your ad is something I support or would interest my readers I may refuse your ad. Please contact me for rates.