Call Of The Wild: The Great Outdoors Is The Key To Fitness

Clean air, blue sky, and a bracing breeze are benefits we can expect if we step outside for a bit. However, there are not the only things. In fact, the great outdoors the perfect place for fitness activities and as there are so many fun ones to do, heading out into the open can make it easier and more enjoyable to stay fit. So read on for a short guide on the advantages out outside exercise, and how to get a little more into your routine.


If you are looking for a low impact sport that has plenty to distract you away from that fact that you are burning calories then hiking is a great choice. This is because there is so much to see and experience on a hike in the great outdoors. Such as amazing views, wildlife, and fauna such as the ones listed at Then there are also the specific beauty spots like waterfalls and gullies to watch out for. In fact, you will be so overawed with all the beautiful things around you that you probably won’t remember that the initial reason for the hike was to get fit!

Of course, you will need to be equipped properly to get the best out your hike and to stay safe as well. To help you do this, you can check out for some review on hiking and outdoor activity equipment. Then you can be sure that you buy the gear that is best suited to you and can get out there and start hiking.


Another wonderful fitness activity that you can do in the wilderness rock climbing. It is a real total body workout too, as it works your arms, legs, and lungs really well. Of course, you will need to start small and build your way up to the bigger challenges as you get more advanced, and you can get some advice on this at You will also need to have some safety training in belays and the like before you attempt a climb without any supervision.

The advantage of rock climbing apart from the great workout that you get is the incredible sense of satisfaction achieved by completing the climb. Oh and don’t forget those stunning views that only you and a few others ever get to see because they are up so high!

Outdoor yoga

If you’re looking for something that enables you to get all the benefits of being out of doors but is a little less intense, then why not try an open-air yoga class? You will find that there are many of these available in places of natural beauty, as well as at the beach. Although there is nothing stopping you practicing some moves like the ones at on your own if you find a safe a secluded spot.

Yoga is all about the breath, and working outside can really help to enhance this, as you are getting the cleanest, most pure air possible. You are also getting the benefit of connection with nature, and being exposed to natural sunlight which is great for mood and building vitamin D. All things that can help you on your fitness journey.

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