Can Moms Lower The Cost Of Healthcare? The Answer Is Yes

If there is one thing every mom wants for their kids, it is to maintain their health. As a parent, the main job is to make sure they are fit and healthy and it is second nature to the majority of moms. Still, it doesn’t mean there aren’t problems, primarily the cost. Securing a family’s well-being might be essential, but it can break the bank along the way. Let’s face it – we don’t have free healthcare over here like the citizens of the U.K or Germany and France.

But, you will be glad to know there is a silver lining to this cloud. Even if the government doesn’t help, you can shoulder the responsibility. After all, moms can pretty much do anything they put their mind to. And, with a little bit of extra help underneath, affordable healthcare will become a distinct possibility.

Google Search

In the past, the only people to rely on were the experts with years of medical training. Nowadays, it is important to listen to the pros, but a doctor isn’t your only option. One method lots of people use is Google. With a quick search of the symptoms, anyone can diagnose an illness. Then, once you know what you are dealing with, drugs are easy to source over the counter. All this is possible without the help of a medical professional and pricey consultation fees. Some people even forego their insurance because this method can be very effective. Self-diagnosing and medicating shouldn’t be your only tactic, especially if you are a novice. But, it can work for the pesky ailments which cause discomfort.

Drop-In Clinic

If the idea of not seeing a medical expert makes you uneasy, there is an alternative. A drop-in clinic is an excellent option because the majority are operated by former doctors. Therefore, they have the skill and experience to diagnose patients and offer healthcare advice. The problem is that they might not be able to prescribe pills, but there are ways around this. For example, you can ask them what drugs would be best to cure the illness and find it at the drugstore. With a coupon or voucher code, you can cut the cost by a significant amount. Alternatively, if they advise it, you can go and see a doctor and get full medical attention. But, by visiting a clinic first, you can put your mind at rest and avoid unnecessary appointments.

Insurance Premiums

Of course, the biggest chunk of healthcare costs is your insurance premiums. Either weekly or monthly, a big amount of money will leave your account. And, with the Republicans trying to push through their bill, a policy could cost more. For example, children might not be covered on their parents’ bill until they are 26. Hopefully, it never happens and Congress stands firm. Until that point, all you can do is try and get a better deal on your current plan. Start by understanding what you need and can afford. It is possible to have features on your policy which are pointless. As a rule, things such as outpatient care and admission to hospital are essential and what you want to keep. Next, compare the costs from suppliers with a comparison website like Although it might not appear to be the case, some companies will offer a better deal.

Work Benefits

A high percentage of parents are both moms and dads and employees. Sometimes, this can be a strain, particularly if your employer is inflexible. However, there are times when working comes in handy. Usually, companies supplement their workers with benefits, such as medical insurance. If the company picks up the check for your policy, there is no reason to have a separate one. The amount you can save with this small trick is huge according to Plus, it is even more lucrative if the kids can go on the same policy. Some businesses might not be happy to do this, but it is possible to explain the pros and cons for both parties. You don’t even have to one have as long as your partner does. So, the next time you receive a job offer, think about the extra benefits.

Calm Mental Attitude

It is ingrained in all parents to worry when their kids aren’t well. Let’s face it – you can’t stop panicking until they recover. And, then there is still the constant worry which is an occupational hazard of being a mother. Unfortunately, panicking only makes the situation more expensive as you make rash decisions. For example, taking someone to the hospital because they have a tight chest is not always necessary. Usually, the culprit is a cough or a viral/ bacterial infection which goes away in a few days. The key is to keep your perspective and your cool. That way, it is possible to avoid needless medical expenses which can raise the cost of healthcare. The wait and see method is not easy for a parent, but it is important.

Health And Fitness

Lastly, the best way to avoid medical fees is to stay healthy in the first place. Not only does it prevent trips to the doctor or hospital, but it also reflects in your policy. As a rule, insurers will give cheaper policies to people who don’t need hundreds of appointments a year. Remember: they pick up the bill at the end of every consultation. An excellent tip is to focus on your diet and the diet of your family. Junk food is full of fats and carbs, and both contribute to heart disease and high cholesterol. Fruit, vegetables and fish, on the other hand, are full of omega-3 and antioxidants. Not only do they reduce fat and weight gain, but they boost the immune system, too. Secondly, make sure everyone exercises at least two times a week. It sounds basic, but the healthier you are, the cheaper the healthcare costs will be.

If medical expenses are an issue, you need to take action. The tips and tricks above are not exhaustive, but they are a selection of the best guidelines.

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