Fun & Fit: Sociable Ways To Exercise

Sometimes working out on our own is not very productive at all, and some of us don’t even like doing it! A lot of us would much rather workout with a friend to give us some motivation, and while working out on our own is cheaper, such as if we exercise at home, it is rather uninspiring. So here are some ways to make exercising a bit more social for you.

Go Riding

Going out with family members on a bike isn’t just a good bonding exercise, but it’s also a great way to navigate some difficult terrain and to work out different muscles in your legs. If you are new to the concept of riding your bike with your family in tow, it isn’t as cheesy as it sounds! But it depends on the type of activity you go for. If you are doing a quiet country lane cycle, then it won’t prove to be as beneficial for you as off-road biking. There are many different types of bikes to choose from, such as the off-road ones. But there are also hybrid bikes which make the best of both worlds, on and off the road, and have a look at the best hybrid bikes 2017 list to give you some ideas. As a way to get a good cardio workout, riding on your bike takes some beating.

Anyone For Tennis?

The fact that it’s summer means that everybody’s out playing tennis right now. It’s such a great cardio workout, but it also helps with your focus and attention as you gradually speed up your level of play, which are all positives! You can use this as a stepping stone towards playing badminton, which is a bit more intense, but that’s not to say that tennis isn’t hard at all!

An Exercise Class

As a sociable way to exercise, you can’t really beat going to an exercise class, but needs to be part of your typical routine. One of the main reasons to go to an exercise class, apart from the social aspect, is that it will give you a different style of working out, possibly one you aren’t aware of. And if you go to conditioning classes, like yoga or Pilates, it will give you a nice overall full-body workout, plus you can get hints and tips from the teacher to assist you with your own exercise routines. It’s also a nice motivator to keep you going every week if you put it on your calendar.

Team Sports

Probably the most social way to exercise would be to join a local sports team. You would get the benefits of being sociable, plus you’ll realize how unfit you actually are! Because it’s always easier to think that you’re doing quite well in the gym until you see someone else half your size lifting double what you can! It’s also a healthy dose of competition, which will help you to push yourself that little bit further to score that extra goal and stir up that competitive spirit you didn’t know you had.

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