The Best Way To Get Fit When You Have No Time

You already know that looking after yourself and eating well should be one of the biggest priorities regardless of where you are in life. Whether it’s after having a baby or you work 70-plus hours a week, it is difficult to find the time to do it, something crops up, or you’re just too tired. It’s always too easy to weasel out of working out when your baby takes priority, or you’ve just got too much to do, so how can you get that exercise in?

Schedule A Workout

You schedule in appointments for everything else, why don’t you schedule your workout too? If you’ve got a young baby, discounting the first frazzled few months, you have got them into a routine now, and you know when they sleep, so work around that. And as time is of the essence, you know that you need to make that workout count. There are many workout routines that have been created for busy people to do at home that hits the key body parts, and it’s all about picking the right one for you. The Body Beast workout is one that has appealed to people who are all about weights, and you can look at the full review of Body Beast workout from to decide if it’s your cup of tea. But weight training is considered more effective than cardio because weights are, simply, a much more intense workout than running. Weights get the job done in a 45-minute session, whereas with a 5-mile run to get the same benefits, it would take considerably longer if you are a beginner.

Create Sleep Rituals

Remember sleep? Well, as easy as it is for me to say “you need to sleep when you can” I know it’s nowhere near as simple. So you need to focus on the quality of your sleep rather than your quantity, and this comes in the form of preparing for bedtime properly. Ban electronic devices from your bedroom, and use an eye mask or get blackout blinds to make sure your room is completely darkened. You get your children ready for bed with a night-time routine, such as a bath or a bedtime story; you need to do the same. Maybe have a nice hot bath (which will feel great after a particularly tense workout session) and gradually wind down. Even if you get 6 hours, the quality will be much better than 6 hours where your melatonin was interrupted by your smartphone’s blue screen!

Have A Backup Plan

Any activity is better than nothing, and if something pops up. There’s traffic, or your baby just won’t go to sleep, is there anything you can do to keep moving? Picking your baby off the floor can be turned into a squat, and thinking about tensing your core whenever you’re making any bending over-type movements will always be better than doing nothing. And don’t forget, it’s just 30-minutes of moderate exercise a day, such as walking, that is enough to help your fitness levels. So even if you haven’t done anything during the day, at least try and walk for a bit!

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