No Excuses! How to Motivate Yourself to Work Out

One of the biggest struggles that people have when it comes to exercising is maintaining their motivation levels for a significant stretch of time. A lot of people tend to get a rush of motivation and vow to turn over a new leaf with regards to fitness, but gradually their enthusiasm starts to dwindle over time. There is no single method for guaranteeing that you will maintain your workout motivation, but there are plenty of techniques that you can try until you settle on one or several that are right for you. So, here are a few ideas which should give you that added boost of motivation you are looking for.

Exercise in the Morning

If working out in the morning sounds like your idea of hell, you are certainly not alone! But by adjusting your sleeping pattern, you can squeeze a workout in before you have done anything else. Most people tend to lose motivation during the day, especially after a long day at work and dealing with other family commitments. If you make working out in the morning part of your regular routine, this will really start to pay off and you can also tick it off your list so it is not on your mind later on in the day. Plus, exercising in the morning has the added boost of getting you ready and raring to go to face the rest of the day,

Keep a Workout Journal

Writing down your feelings about exercising is really a great way of encouraging yourself to keep it up for longer. Whenever you are feeling low on motivation, you can then read the journal to remind yourself how much better you will feel after finish your workout. You can also track how you are progressing in certain areas such as the amount of weight you are losing or the distance you are running. Seeing your progress written down in front of you can help to show you just how far you have come and encourage you to go on to achieve bigger and better things.

Find Methods of Saving Time

One of the main issues that people have when they are trying to fit exercise into their life is finding the time to do it on a regular basis. You can improve your motivation by finding new methods to exercise that don’t prove to be too much of a drain on your time. For example, you could try running or cycling to work instead of driving. This way, you are still getting somewhere while staying fit. Alternatively, you could consider investing in some home gym equipment so you can exercise without leaving the comfort of your own home. In which case, you should learn about rowing machines, treadmills and the other options you have available to you. Another option is to fit an exercise session into your lunch break from work.

Get a Workout Buddy

Rather than working out on your own all the time, you could instead get a workout buddy who will help to push you harder to achieve great things. The perfect exercise partner is someone who is more motivated than you and also someone who is slightly fitter than you. This way, you will work harder to reach their fitness levels and even surpass them. The other natural advantage to having a workout buddy is having someone who can supervise you while you are trying more complicated exercises and also someone who you can practice sports with.

Try Group Fitness Classes

An alternative to getting a workout buddy is to join group fitness classes. As well as having all your workouts mapped out for you, there is also a great social aspect to many group fitness classes. If you make friends with the instructor and other participants, you are much more likely to come back time and time again. You also have plenty of people with whom you can celebrate your achievements and also a whole group holding you accountable if you really feel like not turning up.

Take Up a New Sport

A lot of people who hate exercising in the gym love taking part in new sports. There is an element of competitiveness that you get from sports that is simply not the same when you are alone at the gym. Different sports offer different benefits, but the vast majority will give you a great cardio workout while also exercising different muscle groups. Try experimenting with some different options until you settle on one which is right for you. Your desire to improve and learn new skills should provide you with that extra burst of motivation you are looking for.

Set Yourself Short and Long-term Goals

People tend to work best when they have targets they are striving for. It is great to have long-term fitness goals in mind, but you also need to have short-term goals that lead you toward your eventual aim. Ticking off a goal is a great feeling, and also shows you that you are continually moving in the right direction. For example, your long-term goal might be to run a marathon but your short-term goals will be all about building this distance up over time until you eventually achieve what you are aiming for.

Find New Ways to Make Working Out Fun

We have already talked about trying out various new fitness classes and sports to make working out more fun and engaging, but there are other things you could try to. Make your own workout playlist to give yourself an added burst of motivation while you are out running. Alternatively, you could try listening to some audiobooks or podcasts which will really give you something to focus on and make the time seem like it is flying by.

Visualize Your Success

Focus on the reasons why you want to workout more often in the first place. You may want to lose weight, perform well in your chosen sport or simply live longer. Always hold an image of your success in your mind to give you something to strive for.

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