Getting Back On Track After A Training Break

We’ve all been here. You skip a workout, and before you know it, you’ve missed weeks of training. If you’ve slipped off the exercise bandwagon, and you’ve decided to it’s time to get back on it, we are here to help! Here are some handy hacks to help you get back on track after a training break.

Start your day in the right way

The way you spend your morning can set the tone for the rest of the day. If your alarm goes off, you jump out of bed, open the curtains, make a cup of organic detox tea and start preparing a nutritious breakfast, you know it’s going to be a good day. There’s nothing worse than dragging yourself out of bed after hitting snooze a hundred times and being forced to throw a cereal bar down your neck as you hurry to catch the bus or avoid the traffic. Give yourself time to relax in the mornings, make sure you have a healthy breakfast and flush out those toxins first thing. If you’re calm, focused, and full of positive energy, you’ll be much more inclined to stick to your plans to get back to the gym.

Schedule an early workout

If you’re prone to feelings of anxiety or you often dread doing a workout, get it out of the way early. If you’ve got all day to think about how don’t want to go for a run or sweat it out on the treadmill, you may give in to the temptation to skip your workout and head straight home after work. If you get up early enough, you can fit in a workout before you start work. Many people are more energetic in the mornings, and research suggests that working out early in the day can make you more productive later on. Exercising boosts your mood and your energy levels so you can head into work with a spring in your step.

Buddy up

When you work out alone, if you lose motivation and you make excuses, you’re not letting anybody else down but yourself. If you have a workout buddy, there’s every chance that you’ll stick to your scheduled workouts so that you don’t disappoint them. Exercising with friends or your partner can also be a lot more fun than hitting the gym on your own.

Set a new goal

If it’s been a while since you worked out, it’s time to set some new goals and work out why you’re keen to get back into the swing of things. Have you put weight on since you stopped exercising regularly? Have you lost muscle tone or definition? Do you feel less confident? Are you more stressed? Do you find it harder to sleep? Whatever your motivation for climbing back on the horse, set yourself some targets, and start working towards them. Make sure your goals are realistic and set new ones once you obtain them.

Has your commitment to working out waned of late? Has a week out of the gym turned into a month or even a year? If you want to get back into exercise, hopefully, this guide will help. Take that first step, promise yourself you’re going to start in the morning and establish some new targets. Exercise with friends, focus on your health and wellbeing, and try and have fun along the way.

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