Ditch The Scales!

There’s nothing worse than trying to decide on a goal when you are losing weight. Trying to figure out what is healthy for you and for your height is hard! What if a healthy weight for your height makes you look ill? What if your idea of healthy is actually clinically overweight? Weight is a minefield. So, let’s put the goal weight to one side, and think about health instead.

Fat and muscle are very different. Muscle is lean and fat is, well, not. As muscle is lean, it takes up less space than fat, and therefore you could have two people that weigh the same, but look very different because one person is made up of mostly muscle and the other isn’t. Health is very different to weight and before you embark on your journey toward a goal, you should check out TopWorkoutPrograms for an idea of how you can get to physically healthy. A scale will not tell you how healthy you are, simply what you weigh. Your body is made of bones, fat, muscle and fluid and you have to adjust your health expectations to ensure that you are looking at the bigger picture.

Being healthy means you are being vigilant about what you feed your body and how you keep it in shape. Remember, the heart is a muscle and if you are physically unfit, it’s going to take more work for your heart to keep up with you. It’s always good to have a goal weight to aim for, but you need to aim for health more than a number on a digital brick. Exercise is not evil – even though for those 15 minute HIIT workouts it can feel like you’re dying. Kale and dark green veggies are not evil, they may taste it plain, but that’s the whole idea behind learning to make food fun with spices and flavoring. Drinking water over soda is a no-brainer – your body isn’t made of soda, but it is made of mostly water!

For most people, a goal is a motivational tool, and it should be as it’s something to aim for that you want to hit. The thing is, a scale won’t tell you much about your actual health. Measuring your body in inches will show you more than the numbers on a scale will. You could weigh the same as you did a month ago, but be wearing clothes that are two sizes smaller. You see, your weight on the scales doesn’t always reflect the work you have put in, and that’s why focusing on healthy behavior is more important.

Schedule regular workouts, eat food that is rich in the minerals and vitamins you need and ditch the foods that are purely sugar and fat. Your body is worth looking after and don’t forget, the more you look after it the more it will look after you and keep you upright for longer. The healthy behavior that you project will rub off on the whole family, so don’t just do it for you. Do it for them.

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