CBD Oil Oral Spray Benefits and Applications

CBD oil mouth spray is one new cannabis product that is very exciting for those who want to experience marijuana plant effects without getting stoned or high. CBD stands for cannabidiol which is one of the elements, or cannabinoids, present in cannabis. There are between 60 to 80 different cannabinoids and, along with THC, CBD is a main one.

THC in cannabis provides the psychoactive high people experience after smoking. CBD does not provide any high, instead, it delivers a feeling of overall calm and relaxation. There are also many studies that have documented CBD’s ability to help with a wide variety of diseases.

CBD is legal for purchase from sites like American Hemp Oil. CBD comes in the form of oil or edibles, but the oral spray is a new option for use. Each spray delivers approximately about 1 mg per two sprays so number of sprays would depend on the dosage.

For treating anxiety, it may be helpful to have a couple of sprays when anxious periods occur, which could be easier than applying drops in the office or when out in public. This is also a good product for someone just starting out with CBD since the dosage per spray is relatively low. It is always best to begin with the lowest dosage available and titrate up from there until the desire results are reached.

The use of an oral CBD spray can address any issues with slower absorption by other cannabis product delivery systems. The spray is considered a trans-dermal delivery system as it passes through the skin either in the mouth (sublingually) or on the skin near sore muscles or joints. The ease of this delivery system makes it useful for managing chronic pain that over-the-counter pain relivers do not touch. The oil absorption allows the body to use all of the vitamins and nutrients available in CBD quickly and effectively.

CBD as a dietary supplement is used to assist with the organic systems of the body. Consumers should speak with their doctor before beginning any cannabis treatment, but a doctor’s prescription is not necessary to purchase or take CBD oil. Some of the uses for CBD oral spray might be to reduce anxiety and depression, lose weight, and reduce chronic pain. Several studies have announced the ability of CBD to help with anxiety and depression. As a relaxant and calming agent, CBD can help people to better function in their daily lives.

For weight loss, CBD has beneficial properties with controlling blood sugar and insulin levels. This can help someone who struggles with maintaining a proper body weight. Some of the oral sprays may even have flavorings like peppermint which has been shown to help people trigger themselves to stop eating, much like an after-dinner mint.

With the low dosage of an oral spray, this could be an effecting mindfulness tool to help those who are overweight or obese be more conscious of their eating. Since so many who have weight issues often find it is more about their brains than it is about the food, any substance that can promote calm and reduce anxiety should be helpful with weight control.

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