Moms, It’s Time To Look After Number One

The minute your baby starts growing inside your body, you stop becoming your own priority. From then onwards, you will feel it only natural that the first thoughts and utmost attention goes not on yourself, but on your new bundle of joy. Instead of treating yourself to a new pair of heels, you buy your child those light-up trainers they love. Instead of ordering the thing on the menu you really fancy, you pick something your little ones can share.

Moms, there is nothing wrong with this, but it’s about time you treated yourself too. You can absolutely do this while still taking great care of your kids. The two things don’t have to be mutually exclusive! Here are a number of ways you can start looking after number one once again!

Find time to relax

When you are busy, it is hard finding time to relax. When you are a mom, it is hard to finding time to relax. So when you are a busy mom? It can seem like an impossible feat! However, there are ways that you too can find the time to relax. Be aware that you might find relaxation in the strangest place! Some women swear that they feel the most relaxed when it the gym or on a long and challenging run! It could be that you are the same. That way you’d get some time off and space to relax, and be getting fit, all at the same time.

Be happier in your own skin

If you’ve stopped taking care of yourself the way you used to, you may be glad of it. However, it could be that you really miss pampering yourself, or feeling totally confident. If you believe that plastic surgery could make a big difference to your personal happiness, start to do some preliminary research. Browsing online is a safe place to start; check out companies like Belcara Health. Or, for something less extreme, just start booking in for a weekly manicure. Even something very small can make a huge difference to how we feel. It’s also a great excuse for an hour off! Or, if you love the feel of bouncy and healthy hair, treat yourself to a blow dry every now and again. Maintain it with a dry shampoo and it will last even longer!


cooked meal

Cook for yourself after bedtime

It can you’ve sacrificed all of your favorite foods because of having kids, this is understandable. Making two lots of meals each mealtime, one for the kids and one for you, is a lot of work. Instead of doing this, cook your own dinner after the kids have gone to bed. That way they still get to have what you want, but so do you! You’ll also have your own space and can take your time experimenting with new ingredients. A delicious, tasty home cooked meal does fantastic things for the soul! Plus, it could make you healthier. If you’re always snacking on the kids leftover fries, it puts you back in control of your own diet.

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