The Busy Mom’s Guide to Health and Wellbeing


Caring for your child is one of the most beautiful and magical experiences. You wouldn’t swap it for the world. But it can also be frustrating and tiring. There’s so little time in the day that your needs are frequently set aside. What can you do as a busy mom to take care of your health and wellbeing?

Get Some Fresh Air

When you have very young children or babies, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. There’s so much to do around the house. There’s your child to look after, the laundry to do, the house to clean and meals to prepare. Try not to get stuck at home for days on end. Get some fresh air, even it’s only in the garden. Or put the baby in the buggy and go for a walk. Combine it with a shopping trip if necessary. We’re a big fan of buggy clips which allow you to attach your shopping, changing bag or toys to the buggy for security reasons. Buy now here.

Fresh air has many benefits, including increasing energy levels. It also helps with relaxation and strengthens your immune system. The walk will get the blood pumping around your body and give you a short workout.



Exercise benefits us all. It keeps our minds and bodies healthy and helps us to maintain a healthy weight. It also protects against illnesses. But sometimes you’re just too tired to work out. Or it may not be feasible with your other commitments. Rather than looking at a long workout session, figure out other ways to get some exercise. Go for a walk, run up and down the stairs, do some simple stretches at home, etc. Find an exercise that you enjoy that you can fit into your lifestyle. Yoga is good as it can be accomplished anywhere and is beneficial to the body and mind.



This is easier said than done when you’re racing around trying to get through everything. But it’s important. Set aside, at least, half an hour each day that is just for you. Make it the same time every day. This could be once the children are tucked up in bed. Use this time to wind down and relax. Do something you enjoy, like taking a bubble bath or reading a book.

And don’t forget to ask for help. Being a mom can be challenging. If a family member or friend could look after the kids for a while, you could use this time to spend on yourself.

Eat Well

When you’re busy, it’s easy to reach for a packaged meal or ring for take-out. Try to keep this to a minimum as it will only add to your problems. Processed food has few health benefits and is often loaded with fat, salt, and sugar. This will leave you feeling unsatisfied and sluggish.

Try to eat fresh wherever possible. Cut up veggies and leave them in the fridge for a quick snack. Reach for nuts and seeds instead of biscuits. When you’re cooking a meal, get into the habit of making a little extra. This can be frozen as a quick menu option for during the week.

Make sure you drink enough water throughout the day. This will keep you hydrated, making you feel more alert and has countless health benefits.

Being a mom is a hard job. Yes, it’s fun and rewarding and the best job you’ve ever had. But it’s tough. Look after yourself along the way. Take some time for yourself. If you’re healthy and happier, your child will be healthier and happier too.

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