Challenge a Friend To WorkOut With You

Working out can be so blah. I try to do three workouts a day, each workout being 5 miles on the bike, 30 curls with 10 pound weights, 20 deadlifts, and 20 triceps. However, I find myself skipping a workout here and there and to be honest, I don’t like it.

So to help me keep my motivation, I decided to challenge my husband. Each day we will have a different challenge and different goals that need to be met. Of course he uses heavier weights then I do, so it makes it a bit more fair on my end.

Since he dislikes the bike I only gave him 5 miles to do, however, I will be getting in 15 because I like to start the bike and when I am done I go on to my weights. I think this will help us both stay on the right track. Losing weight can be so difficult because you want to eat, eat, and eat more. My biggest weakness is sweets and that is something I am going to learn to control.

I want to completely give up all added sugar, however, I am also finding this hard to do because I like having at least one cup of coffee in the morning, and this girl isn’t doing it black. It helps warm me up on these cold winter mornings. I am going to attempt to do coffee every other morning so that it cuts back on some sugar. I am also going to start getting in more water.

During the summer months I was drinking over 120 ounces a day! Winter months make water not so good!

What are somethings you do to keep you motivated to workout, do you bring a friend in on the action?

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