The Results Are In

As I sat in the bath last night relaxing, and email from Walgreens came through that I had a prescription ready for pick-up. I never called one in, so I had a feeling the results to my blood work were in, and this only met one thing. That there was indeed something wrong. I quickly rushed to the computer, so that I could log into my Walgreens account and see what meds I needed to pick up.

As soon as I got on, I noticed there were two waiting for me. One was a Vitamin D pill, the other was Metformin. As soon as I seen Metformin, my heart sank. I am no dummy I know Metformin is known to treat those with type 2 diabetes. This scared the crap out of me, because diabetes runs in the family. The thing I couldn’t understand was how did I have it, we tend to eat on the healthier sides, and when I took my blood sugar with my mother in laws stuff, I was about 80, and we had just had birthday food, which meant cake and ice cream as well.

So this made very little since to me, with it being 4:30pm when I discovered the meds, I quickly called the doctors office to see what the results were, because at this time, all I knew was I was going to be taking Metformin and a Vitamin D pill.

I got a hold of the nurse and the results were all back, vitamin b levels were fine, my liver and kidneys were all working fine, I was low on vitamin d, and I was insulin resistance.

Of course, my first question to her was what does that mean. She said that my body is taking the insulin and turning it into fat in my belly area, which is making it hard for me to lose weight. She said if it went untreated for long it would turn into diabetes. I looked up how people become insulin resistance, and to be honest, I am to blame for it.

They have found it is a lifestyle change to the body, basically me being lazy all those years, has made my body not know how to process insulin, so it turns it to fat and stores it. Hopefully, now that I am on meds to help with the issue, I will start losing weight. I also read this is a med they give those who have a hormone imbalance, so this should nail all issues I am currently having!

I cannot wait to see what the results will be, so for this little lady, I am back to hitting the exercise equipment, and getting my workout on, and hopefully, NOW I will see results from the scales.

If you feel you may be having the same issues as me, ask to have your insulin levels checked. I would have never thought to have had them checked, but when I explained to the doctor the issues I was having that is one of the first things she said, she was checking those levels.

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