Blood Test Taken Results Soon

One thing that discourages me more than anything is busting my ass to get fit, and not seeing the results. I worked out almost everyday for a month straight, some days I did 3, 15 to 20 minute workouts, and some days I road the bike for 25 miles a day.

I didn’t see much of a difference with weight nor inches, and those types of results depress me. I have had my thyroid and other blood work looked at in the past, and I have always been told everything was “normal”. But what really is normal? I know thyroid issues run in the family, both my mom and grandma are on meds for it. I know I have been battling with my weight since a young age, and I know when I was younger and battling with my weight I was very active.

Yesterday, when I went to get a med refill, I talked to my doctor about getting but on something to help me with my battles. Not something to make losing easy, but something to help boost it. When I was 16 I was on redux for a short period.

She asked when we last did blood work, and it has been over a year so we went a head and did blood work again. I hope they find out the issue soon, because I know it is depressing me more. My hormones are screwed, I am sleepy often, and well the fat won’t leave me.

Hopefully, I will have the results soon, and if they find something wrong in the blood work they can get me on the meds I need to balance everything out. If everything is fine, we will discuss weight management options. I am lost on what to do next, I eat healthy, I workout, and yet the fat stays.


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