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I know I said I was going to update my progress nightly, however, sometimes by the time it’s bedtime, I am so sleepy I am not even thinking to get on here and do a post, I am wanting to curl in bed with my husband under the nice warm blankets and sleep.

I haven’t been doing the three workouts like I started out doing, I am wanting to give my body a small break, but not a long enough one to get to use to not working out again. Yesterday, I added more to my first two workouts to make up for the third one being missing. However, I am working out for longer times during 1 and 2 so it is still as if I am doing 3 but I am in burn calorie mode longer in workout 1 and 2.

Workout for December 10th

#1 @ 12:30pm

20 overhead presses
30 kettle bell swings
20 deadlifts
30 curls
5 miles on the bike

#2 @ 4pm

20 overhead presses
30 curls
35 kettle bell swings
20 deadlifts
3 miles on the bike.

Tuesday was a slow day for me with workout, I did go and walk around the grocery store for almost two hours shopping, brought in a bunch of veggies and some fruit.

My totals for the day was okay but I would like to do better, some days are just a bit slower so I can give my body time to catch up.

Over all for the day

40 overhead presses
50 curls
65 kettle bell swings
40 dead lifts
8 miles on the bike.

Yesterday I did the same two workouts but I did a bit more in each workout.

Workout for December 11th

#1 @ 10:10am

20 overhead presses
30 curls
50 kettle bell swings
3 miles on bike
30 curls
15 overhead presses
30 deadlifts
5 miles on bike

#2 @ 5pm

20 overhead presses
30 curls
20 kettle bell swings
5 miles on bike
20 kettle bell swings
20 dead lifts
20 curls

Both workouts combines for the day

55 overhead presses
110 curls
90 kettle bell swings
13 miles on the bike
50 dead lifts

Over all I think I am doing awesome, while I wish I didn’t need to break sometimes in order to keep my body going I need a small break between workouts.

Today marks 14 days of working out, within those 14 days I only took one day off completely, I did remove a workout time from my day and added another workout within the mix. I am sure the 2 workouts a day will switch back to three, it all depends on how my muscles are feeling when it comes time for the third workout.

While, I want to lose weight as fast as I can, and I would love to workout as much as I can, I do need to give my body time to heal.


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