Daily Updates

It has seemed like the daily updates have been a bit to much with what I have going on already daily. However, I will try to post every few days, my workout updates will be a overall weekly update.

At the end of the week, I will give how many curls, deadlifts, overhead presses, miles on the bike, and kettle bell swings I have done.

I will also give updates on weight lost. As soon as I have seen a big difference, I will start posting pics, yes the dreaded pics.

If anyone else is struggling with their weight, and would like to join in on weekly updates feel free to let me know and we can do this together! I am excited for the new year, and my goals are to have lost 20 pounds total by the end of January.

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Jammie is Owner of Dizzy Mommy Chronicles. Dizzy Mommy Chronicles is a place where Jammie can get control of her weight, one post at a time. For more information visit on Google+.

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