Getting Fit One Day At A Time

I don’t do much with the site, so I decided I would use it to log my weight loss. It has been a very hard path for me, I lose then gain then lose and gain more. I have been big most my life, my lowest at adulthood was 205, at that time we got pregnant, I quit my job to be a stay at home mom. I then went into depression and on came the weight.

Yesterday, was day 1 of my journey, I will log my activity on the site, to keep me going. I have to have it out there or I tend to give up. I have also put the scale up, and I will not be looking at that while I work to slim down. The scale always depresses me more, which causes me to eat and gain.

Yesterday I had 5 x 16 ounces of water. I did drink two cups of coffee as well. With it being the day after Thanksgiving for lunch and dinner we had left overs. I had stuffing and turkey, not the best choices, but as I get going I will learn to reduce the bad things I put in my body.

I did three mini workouts yesterday.

#1 @ 9:30am

20 curls with two 10 pound weights

20 kettle bell swings with a 15 pound kettle bell.

5 overhead presses with two 10 pound weights.

#2 @ 11am

2 miles on exercise bike

10 overhead presses with two 10 pound weights

20 curls with two 10 pounds weights

#3 @ 3pm

3 miles on exercise bike

30 kettle bell swings with 15 pound kettle bell.

20 curls with two 10 pound weights

5 overhead presses with two 10 pound weights.

In total between all three workouts

5 miles on the exercise bike

60 curls

20 overhead presses

50 kettle bell swings

With just getting back into working out, I think the overall was great! My goals for the day is to get in 100 curls, 200 kettle bell swings, 10 miles, and 50 overhead presses by the end of December.


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