Battling Obesity

It seems as though I have been battling this thing called obesity most of my life. I am to that point where I have to lose weight it I want another child, and if I want to be around for the daughter I already have. With tipping the scales at close to 300 it’s time I do something in fast.

I have changed my eating habits, I am slowly starting to introduce exercise into my daily routine. I have done this many times only to get depressed with the scales and give up. I am done giving up, I will find time to workout, even if it’s just 15 minutes, because 15 minutes is better than none.

I am currently using a stationary bike, kettlebells, and dumbbells. I am working my way up the later, and daily doing 60 curls, 40 kettlebell swings, and 3 miles on the bike. I would like to get in over 100 curls, 200 swings, and 15 miles on the exercise bike daily!

I know this will take a little time, but I am doing it for me, and for my family. I know if I get my weight under control my other health issues will slowly resolve themselves.

Anyone have any advice to help me stick to the goals I have? I am refusing to step on the scale the first month, I am also keeping a log and hopefully one day I won’t be a shamed and I can upload it to show my progress.

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