Accessories for Halloween Costumes

When it comes to Halloween costume tights, there are several hot trends that are showing up at October parties this year. One of those trends is pairing bright orange tights with a pumpkin costume. A pair of orange tights serves as the finishing touch to a great big pumpkin suit worn by an adult, a child or even a baby. Here are some other trends that are picking up steam this Halloween season.

Orange and black tights are being worn by women who want to dress as the wicked witch of the east this Halloween. The tights immediately remind fellow partygoers of the famous book The Wizard of Oz. These tights are sometimes paired with a basic black witch’s dress or a black dress with an orange hat or scarf as an accessory. Many women are finding that these tights can turn into the main attraction of their scary outfit!

Lots of young girls are making the choice to dress up as their favorite black cat for trick-or-treating time. A black leotard and skirt paired with black tights makes for a perfect feline ensemble. In addition to being stylish., these black tights can help a young girl to keep warm as she makes her way with her friends and parents to the various houses in her neighborhood.

Finally, a boy dressing up as Superman for Halloween is a standout with the help of a pair of blue tights. The tights make the costume authentic and gives the young superhero plenty of freedom to run around with friends.

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