Getting in Shape

With having struggled most my life with my weight, I have decided to join my husband in the quest to get fit! Over the past two weeks, we have both been working out almost everyday for about an hour. We have set up a small gym inside out home so we won’t have an excuse no longer.

Our home gym includes free weights, exercise bike, and Dance Dance Revolution for the Wii. In order to keep up with our daily workouts, we have set up a chart in our bedroom. Our goals very my husband of course has more to do than I do, but a normal workout is 5 miles or more on the bike, 50 curls, 50 kettle bell swings, 50 over heads, and a few other things.

With having a small in home gym, this eliminates the need to pay high fees to a gym, including the insane amount of gas needed. Since we have been working out, I have noticed how my clothes are fitting and I am loving it!

I would love to add a treadmill or eliptical machine to our workout room, and some heavier weights. I am hoping if I keep going strong I will be down 30 pounds before the new year!

My goal weight is about 140, and then I will be happy!

How many of you have decided to take charge of your life?

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