Life can be a day at the beach with the right firm.

Ok, all adult stuff is pretty much covered. I guess I am officially an adult now. Let’s see, mortgage, check, car payments, check, children, check, Last Will and Testament, check, 401k, check, and finally a solid law firm in my corner that I can count on, double check.

You the last one in that last, law firm, was not one that I thought I needed until recently. The family and I were headed to Ft. Lauderdale Beach in our trusty SUV when we were sideswiped pretty good. Don’t worry we’re all ok. And the kids even thought it was cool. Well as the two parties, myself and the kids driving the other car, got out to assess the damage they began to swear that I was my fault. Uh, no kids. I was clearly their fault and very quickly the driver’s father showed up and started flinging accusations around. Mind you, this gentleman wasn’t even in the car during the fender bender.

Well, I called a good friend of mine who’s pretty savvy when it comes to this kind of thing. I asked him if he could recommend a law firm or attorney that could help with my little weekend predicament here. He said without question I needed to call Michael Davis and David Boone. They are the partners at, you guessed it, Boone and Davis. I gave them a call and Michael picked up even though it was the weekend! I told him what was going on and he told clearly and easily exactly what to do. Talk about confidence. Bingo! If you need a solid firm with two great, knowledgeable, but very down to earth lawyers at the helm then give them a call. You won’t regret it.

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