What to do When Life Throws a Curve Ball

If you are breathing I am sure you have had your far share of curve balls thrown at you. We are a family that is a strong believer of God, we don’t believe in the bible or the churches, but when it comes to God and a higher power we do believe. We also are strong believers that all things happen for a reason, what those reasons maybe we are uncertain, and often times we never figure out why the things happened.

My family has been thrown a curve ball these past few months, and we are struggling to find out way through it, we know that God is watching over us, and we know he is doing what he can to help.

If you have noticed I haven’t blogged over here in awhile, it can be a bit hard keeping up with two different sites, if I had someone I could trust I would allow them to run Dizzy Mommy Chronicles, but with putting my trust into someone and they doing me dirty it’s hard to find people who are not just out for themselves.

So what do you do when a curve ball is thrown at you, and it hits you so hard in the stomach it’s hard to breath, it’s hard to comprehend what is going on?

I am trying to put all my faith in God, however, sometimes it can be so hard.

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