Beating the Summer Heat

Now that Summer is in full swing, it’s time to find ways to keep those babies cool. While come may have swimming pools, others are left to find ways to keep themselves cool, all while having a little fun.

If you cannot afford a pool, and you are looking for ways to get those kids active this summer all while also staying cool, here will will find a few alternatives, to having a little fun in the sun.

Sprinkler – sprinklers are cheap and will give your kiddos hours of enjoyment. Not only will the be soaking up the water, they’ll also be getting in some much needed exercise, while they run back and forth.

Water Balloon Fights – While this isn’t a activity for smaller children, this is a fun activity for those tweens, teens, and even those adults. We always like to get buckets, and we get all the water balloons ready, then we take our spots. Water balloon fights can be a lot of fun, just remember safety comes first, don’t throw them to hard where they may hurt the person at the other end!

Washing the Car – Okay while this might not be fun for some, it’s always fun when you get to play in the water! If you have a teen set them up a station in the driveway, and let them run a small car wash business this summer. Not only will they be staying cool under the water, they’ll also be making some money for spending this summer and for those extra back to school items they may need.

Go to the Beach – If all else fails, you can always pack up the kids and head to the beach, don’t let the summer heat keep you inside this summer, get outside and have some water fun with those kids!

What are some ways you and your family stay cool during the summer months?


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